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 I am currently accepting new clients - both in office appointments and virtual appointments are available.


Encouraging personal growth to live your journey well

We are each on an individual journey through life. No journey is the same and each journey can be effected, changed or interrupted. Counseling is beneficial when a disruption through life’s journey occurs. Sometimes we step off our own path, sometimes other people’s paths cross or cover up our paths and sometimes our journey becomes unmanageable. As a therapist I can help you navigate your journey, find your path again or help you achieve personal growth to live your journey well.


Individual counseling and consultations are offered in office for ages 5 through adulthood and via teletherapy for those 12 and​ older. My specializations include anxiety, OCD, depression, life transitions, parenting, and family relationships. Consultations can be beneficial to those unsure of the counseling process and are typically 30-45 minutes in length. 


Groups focus on areas that inhibit growth including anxiety, poor boundaries, difficulty communicating effectively, parenting various ages effectively, being a new mom, and life transitions (going to jr. high, high school, college, starting a family, retirement, divorce/separation,)


Parenting counseling and consultations are offered in office and via teletherapy. Boundaries, parenting skills, communication skills and relationship skills are applied to daily living situations during the counseling session. Consultations are typically 30-45 minutes in length and are for parents who have questions related to developmental stages or specific life situations. 


Family therapy focuses on building families through better communication, exploring the impact of empathy within family relationships, and understanding of the family as a whole. Family therapy is effective for any family who would like to grow together, experience stronger relationships or who are facing life situations that have stressed the family relationship. Faith-based family therapy and family therapy for families who have a member with health issues are both specialities offered through this office. 

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